CBRNE and DECON solutions

LESS has a vast selection of products for emergency preparedness and handling of CBRNe incidents


CBRNE and DECON solutions

Increased transportation of dangerous substances, increased globalization and a surge in travelling, and a new risk scenario worldwide; It calls for improved preparedness, better capability and more capacity in CBRNE.

Sanering og smittevern
Isolasjonskammer - undertrykk

Insulation chamber – negative pressure

Mobile vacuum chambers give a health trust great flexibility in how to set up its infection control solution and isolate in the event of an incident. This is a cost-effective solution to operate compared to infection rooms built into the infrastructure. Any room can be quickly turned into an isolate. Such a solution is flexible and very practice-friendly.

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LESS is a retailer of protective suits from Lakeland – one of the world’s largest quality manufacturers of protective suits for every need. The selection ranges from dust suits to chemical and infection control suits.
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