Norwegian Tunnel Safety Cluster

LESS AS is a founding partner when future tunnel safety is put on the table in this cluster.

“Work to improve tunnel safety in Norwegian road tunnels has not had necessary progress” according to the Auditor General of Norway.  This was the background for the national conference in the network Norwegian Tunnel Safety Cluster held on November 15 at Sola Strand Hotel in Stavanger.

Norwegian Tunnel Safety Cluster comprises numerous companies, rescue organisations and authorities with a goal to improve overall tunnel safety and reduce significantly the number of accidents.  This is important to the general public, rescue organisations, transport companies and the entire community.  For this to happen, we need contribution and collaboration across the table with strong participation from all stakeholders.  Together, we need to develop new technology, and new knowledge.  And we have no time to waste.

The conference had a very strong story told by Einar Morland, on how his family managed to evacuate the Gudvanga Tunnel during the 2013 fire.

Other important contributions came from:

Fire & Rescue Chief Henry Ove Berg, Rogaland Fire & Rescue IKS
Professor Geir Sverre Braut, Stavanger University Hospital, UiS og HSH
Dep Dir Rolf Mellum, The Accident Investigation Board Norway
County Mayor Solveig Ege Tengesdal (KrF)

LESS AS has been participating from the very beginning in this important cluster.