Modern preparedness for large incidents.  Solutions supporting a holistic approach to efficient patient evacuation. We focus on intuitive, fast and functional solutions when lives are at stake.  Our systems introduces LEAN thinking to the life-saving evacuation chain.

Emergency Preparedness Systems

LESS AS deliver system solutions for any risk assessment, and we specialize in preparedness for mass casualty incidents.

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LESS AS is a leading provider of material for modern preparedness and supporting a holistic approach to efficient patient evacuation.


In an accident or trauma situation, a major task is always to keep the patient warm.  LESS AS has developed easy to use and intuitive products for basic hypothermia prevention.


LESS has developed a triage marking system that is simple and easy to use.  It works with any medical algorithms and is designed as first triage in a large accident or mass casualty incident.

CBRNe & DECON solutions

Increased in transportation of dangerous substances, increased globalization and a surge in international travelling together with a new risk scenario worldwide;  It all calls for improved preparedness, better capability and more capacity in CBRNe preparedness.

LESS AS is a leading provider within patient logistics, of emergency stretchers and accessories supporting a holistic evacuation and rescue strategy in large accidents, evacuations and disasters.