Emergency Preparedness Systems


Emergency Preparedness Systems

With a preparedness system from LESS, you buy yourself some time, when every minute counts

What is an Emergency Preparedness System?

An emergency preparedness system is when several products are put together to form a comprehensive solution that suits you and your business.

These are products put into a system to meet your needs.

The strength of our systems is also that the products are designed to fit together.

They are compatible with each other, which will make your user experience more seamless  and thus also your work at the scene of an accident more efficient.

So when you put together a contingency system, you buy yourself some time, when every minute counts.

Beredskapssystem - evakuering

We focus on four areas





How do we design an emergency preparedness systems?

We design the emergency preparedness systems based on your needs.

Our experts put together solutions in consultation with you as a customer. Most often, these solutions are based on the business’s:

  • Risk analysis
  • Perceived needs and experiences
  • The geographical extent of the business

Why should you have an emergency preparedness system?

When an event first occurs, every minute counts. With an emergency preparedness system you save time. And by saving time, you can save lives.

You save time because:

  • The products in the emergency response systems are intuitive, simple and quick to use
  • This products are compatible with each other
  • Our emergency systems are delivered complete and ready-rigged on a car, trailer, container or on trolleys for emergency storage. Ready for action.
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What might an emergency system look like?

An emergency system can be small or it can be large.

We can design an emergency response system that will only handle small, simple incidents at a workplace, to large emergency preparedness systems that will handle major accidents with mass casualties, triage area and treatment area.

MCI Preparedness

Casualty Clearing Station – Triage Station

LESS collaborates with leading manufacturers and research organizations worldwide within mass casualty incidents, search and rescue in general and patient evacuation in specific.

ROFI Rapid Rescue tent is designed as a casualty clearing station (or triage station).

LESS Beredskapscontainer

Container Preparedness

Tunnel preparedness

We are proud to say that our solutions is used by leading ambulance/ air ambulance and rescue services, airports, offshore and industry.

Our Emergency Solutions are also used by national and international disaster management agencies.

LESS Container Preparedness can be tailor made for a certain level of preparedness according to a given risk assessment.

LESS Emergency Preparedness Systems

Modern preparedness solutions for large accidents and disasters

LESS is a leading provider of material for modern preparedness and supporting a holistic approach to efficient patient evacuation.

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