Emergency Preparedness Systems

LESS deliver system solutions for any risk assessment, and we specialize in preparedness for mass casualty incidents.


MCI Preparedness

Casualty Clearing Station – Triage Station

LESS collaborates with leading manufacturers and research organizations Worldwide within mass casualty incidents, search and rescue in general and patient evacuation in specific.

ROFI Rapid Rescue tent is designed as a casualty clearing station (or triage station).

LESS Beredskapscontainer

Container Preparedness

Tunnel preparedness

The LESS Concept is used by leading ambulance/ air ambulance and rescue services, airports, offshore and industry. LESS Emergency Solutions are also used by national and international disaster management agencies.

LESS Container Preparedness can be tailor made for a certain level of preparedness according to a given risk assessment.

LESS Emergency Preparedness Systems

Modern preparedness solutions for large accidents and disasters

LESS is a leading provider of material for modern preparedness and supporting a holistic approach to efficient patient evacuation.

LESS konsept

LESS preparedness system can be rigged in a trailer, container or vehicle.