Emergency Preparedness Systems

LESS AS deliver system solutions for any risk assessment, and we specialize in preparedness for mass casualty incidents.

The company have launched new preparedness solutions through R&D in close collaboration with individuals and organizations within emergency medicine and the paramedic field.  Principals within LEAN philosophy are implemented on the evacuation chain, for a holistic strategy to patient evacuation.

Through continuous improvements our aim is to:

  • Reduce overall evacuation time
  • Fast emergency triage to ensure swift and correct evacuation
  • Reduce transfer injuries as the patient can stay on the LESS Stretcher through the whole evacuation chain
  • LESS Stretchers isolate well, hence reduces temperature loss in the patient
  • LESS Thermal Bag adds insulation to prevent hypothermia

LESS Stretcher Rolling Kits are building blocks in a decentralized preparedness system for rescue services.  Our solutions can be delivered in vehicles, trailers or containers.  We collaborate with specialists i.e. within CBRNe for special preparedness solutions and field hospitals.