CBRNE and DECON solutions

LESS has a vast selection of products for emergency preparedness and handling of CBRNE incidents

CBRNE and DECON solutions

Increased transportation of dangerous substances, increased globalization and a surge in travelling, and a new risk scenario worldwide; It calls for improved preparedness, better capability and more capacity in CBRNE.

CBRNE - Sanering og smittevern

Personal protective equipment

Within personal infection control, LESS suppliers are TIKI and Lakeland, which are among the leading manufacturers in the area. In addition, we produce and supply our own developed LESS splashshield.

Your First Line of Defense

LESS is a retailer of protective suits from Lakeland – one of the world’s largest quality manufacturers of protective suits for every need. The selection ranges from dust suits to chemical and infection control suits.
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CBRNE - Sanering og smittevern


We supply well-known brands within decon/remediation, in addition to our own developed products.

CBRNE - Sanering og smittevern / Isolasjonskammer - undertrykk

Insulation chamber – negative pressure

Mobile vacuum chambers give a health trust great flexibility in how to set up its infection control solution and isolate in the event of an incident. This is a cost-effective solution to operate compared to infection rooms built into the infrastructure. Any room can be quickly turned into an isolate. Such a solution is flexible and very practice-friendly.

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